They say whitening can take 10 years off your face! We can't officially confirm this but we can say that the confidence we see in our whitening patients after they have completed a whitening procedure is something we will never get sick of!

We offer two ways of professionally whitening your teeth at Bright Smiles. The first one is a Zoom! Whitening take home kit and the second is a in-chair Zoom Whitening procedure carried out in the comfort of our surgery.

Besides the cost, the biggest difference is that the take home kit is done by yourself and the in-chair is carried out by our friendly team and is instant. The take home kit gives you more control over your desired result, as you can whiten as little or as often as you like. In-chair Zoom is more time efficient and you will see instant results. Both products provide excellent results, it really comes down to budget and whether you want to do it yourself, or let our team take control of the process. 

Each procedure requires you to first have an initial consultation and scale & clean if required, this is not included in your whitening price. We need to assess that you are the right candidate for whitening before proceeding. If we decided that your mouth is healthy enough you to undergo either whitening procedure, you will be fitted for custom trays and we will then either provide you with your take home kit to take home and complete at your leisure or we will get you to use a product called Tooth Mousse a week prior in the lead up to the in-chair whitening procedure. A white diet is recommended on the days you are whitening at home and for 48 hours after your in-chair procedure eg no tea, coffee, red wine, sauces etc.

For further information and prices please contact our friendly team.